The Best 3 Concert Venues in Boulder

Catherine Burgess


Jump into Boulder’s vibrant music scene at these renowned local venues.

Boulder is known for having a vibrant nightlife and cultural scene. Cutting-edge art, delicious food, and live music can be easily found almost any night of the week. Locals and tourists alike enthusiastically enjoy this rich facet of Boulder and frequent trendy venues to soak in the experience. 

The tight-knit community supports the colorful events, and a most beloved activity here is going to concerts. From local artists to big-name performers, Boulder showcases it all. Jazz, classic rock, rap, and other genres fill the streets with melodies. 

A live-music culture is quintessential to Boulder’s iconic city image. These three local venues strengthen this element and enrich it with unique ambiances, setting the perfect scene for a night full of fun. 

1. The Fox Theater

1135 13th St

A renowned live-music club in the heart of Boulder, The Fox Theater promises amazing music and an even better time. Rolling Stone Magazine recently voted this club the fourth best music venue in the country. Their phenomenal sound system and intimate 625-person capacity create a special feeling of liberation and freedom.

The building itself was constructed in the 1920s as the historic Rialto Theater. Today, it stands as an iconic location to catch memorable acts in music. Playing a wide mix of musical styles, fans of electronic, rock, and reggae will love catching a show here.

2. Boulder Theater

2032 14th St

The Boulder Theater is a historic mark of the city’s entertainment culture. Located in the Pearl Street Mall, this art-deco venue was founded in 1906. For the past century, it has been a place to catch live music and different avant-garde films. As one of the premier concert venues in the country, its early beginnings have established a deep history for this landmark theater.

The Boulder Theater is regarded as one of the finest luxury venues for music acts and movie viewings. In the past, it has hosted famous acts such as Timothy Leary, The Plasmatics, Bonnie Raitt, and Johnny Cash. We love their in-house lounge, serving food, wine by the glass, and a colorful array of cocktails.  

3. eTown Hall

1535 Spruce St

Located in central Downtown Boulder, this world-class venue is part of a multipurpose building surrounded around flourishing local business. eTown Hall is home to the company offices, a full-scale recording studio, community theater, and their concert hall. What was once a church building is now a media-music house committed to being as eco-friendly as possible. Since 1991, eTown has made it its duty to enrich the neighborhood. 

This solar-powered studio has state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. eTown is known for playing a wide range of music styles including hip-hop, electronic, and classic rock. Attending a show here supports a healthy community culture as well as ensures a fabulous experience!

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