Don’t let dropping temperatures get you down—rethink how you spend wintertime.

Colder weather doesn’t have to put a damper on your favorite outdoor activities. In Colorado’s lovely city of Boulder, the changing seasons are embraced with open arms. You can find amazing wilderness destinations and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer in sun, rain, or snow.

We’ve compiled a special list highlighting our absolute favorite trails to hike during the wintertime. These specific locations are easily accessible during winter weather conditions and don’t require any extreme gear or out-of-the-way efforts to complete. They receive plenty of sunshine, melting the snow and preventing any dangerous ice build up. Get out, get active, and hit the trails this winter season at three of Boulder’s top hikes. 

1. Boy Scout Trail/Mays Point

This low-key, family-friendly trail circles around the famous Flagstaff Mountain. Remaining open during the winter, this trail is convenient for inclement weather conditions since it begins and ends in a parking lot. 

Boy Scout Trail’s total round-trip distance is one mile, and it gains a light elevation of 20 feet. The difficulty level is easy, so it’s a great place to enjoy some intimate time outdoors. You’ll see stellar views and scenic expanses, all while avoiding heavy crowds. It’s peaceful, relaxing, and totally exclusive. 

2. Lion’s Lare 

The Lion’s Lare trail is a local gem—a secret known by those accustomed to the Boulder hiking scene. This trail brings you up to Mount Sanitas, one of Boulder’s most famous hiking destinations. However, the mountain’s popularity brings crowded walkways and lookout points. We love this trail because it goes around the backside of the mountain, so you avoid the hoards of people.

This smooth trip is about 2.2-miles each way and gains 711 feet. With a moderate-easy difficulty rating, this is an amazing option for a more rigorous day trip. For a longer excursion, you can loop up with the main Sanitas trail, which gains an elevation of 1,343 feet. 

3. Teller Lake

If you’re looking to do more than just hike during your day out, Teller Lake is your best option. The main attraction point is a lookout of the lake, with available amenities for biking, fishing, horseback riding, and other pleasant pastimes. On the hike, you’ll also pass through the fertile crops of Teller Farms. 

This trail is rated difficulty level easy, with a 2.1-mile distance one-way. This is a wonderful trail for birdwatching. When you get to the main lake spot, make sure to keep watch for the plethora of wild birds who call this place their home. 

Enjoy this winter at these opportunities for nature-filled fun. For more information about the Boulder area, contact us today. For available luxury estates, be sure to check out our home listings in Colorado.