6 Things Homebuyers Love About Boulder

Catherine Burgess


Boulder is a unique haven with tons of attractions, amenities, and fun.

If you’ve been to Boulder, you probably never wanted to leave. This heaven-on-earth nook of Colorado is a true gem. From mountains everywhere you look to vibrant culture, there are endless reasons to love this happy town.
Residents, tourists, and potential homebuyers continuously flock to Boulder to get a taste of its sweetness. Here are some special aspects that make Boulder so irresistibly unique. 

1. Diverse Job Opportunities 

With a multitude of startups and famous corporations located here, there is never a lack of job availability. Land positions with companies like Google, Microsoft, Whole Foods, and IBM. On top of this, Boulder also acts as a major destination for government research facilities. Settling down here gives you major opportunities to begin building a strong and fruitful career.

2. Perfect Weather 

It’s hard to believe how picturesque Boulder is. You have to experience it to believe it. But take our word for it—it’s breathtakingly beautiful. There is a full range of changing seasons, and even during the chilly winters, sunshine beams down on the city. With an average 300 days of sun, you can soak in delicious vitamin D all year round. 

3. Mountains, Wildlife, and Open Spaces

The stunning nature that surrounds Boulder is definitely one of the most attractive things about this city, as a number of mountain destinations and hiking trails are just a short drive away. Since Boulder is nestled in at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, you have easy access to some of the United States’ most beloved vistas and lookouts. 

4. Delicious Food

Foodies, rejoice! Boulder’s creative and groundbreaking restaurant scene has absolutely everything you could ever crave. Immense care goes into assuring the highest quality standards, sustainability, local sourcing, and impeccable taste. Due to this passion for flavor and functionality, Bon Appetit magazine even named Boulder the “Foodiest Town” in 2010. Head to local favorites like Oak, Chimera, and The Med to enjoy this all for yourself. 

5. Outdoor Sports

Athletes and adventurers love Boulder’s outdoor recreation. Whether you want to delve into activities such as rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, or even horseback riding, Boulder has it all. Getting active is a quintessential part of everyday life here, and people take advantage of the 45,000 acres of untouched land. 

6. Biking

For Boulder locals, cars are overrated. Everyday driving is totally unnecessary when you are supported by countless other options. Boulder is famous for their biking culture and has even won many awards for their bike-friendly community from the League of American Bicyclists. The local non-profit company Bcycle is a local treasure, where you can conveniently rent a bike to go sightseeing.

If you’re interested in moving to Boulder, contact us today to see the best luxury homes available in the area. 


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