5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Greener

Catherine Burgess


Quick and simple tips to make your lifestyle more environmentally friendly.

Little changes can make a huge difference when it comes to going green. As we all come to see the growing importance of taking steps to be more eco-friendly, it’s helpful to consider some creative options. 

In order to reduce the waste and damage done to the planet, making your home greener is a strong movement towards creating a healthier ecosystem. Going green doesn’t have to be drastic, expensive, or difficult. In fact, by implementing these few simple tips, any home can transform into a resource-efficient oasis. Let’s get started!

1. Upgrade Your Lightbulbs

Energy-efficient light bulbs can have a surprisingly large impact on reducing your energy consumption. Traditional light bulbs lose up to 90% of energy to heat, using only about 10% to produce light. Not only is this a massive waste, but it also increases the temperatures in your home--an issue that is combated by continuously running the AC. 

The solution to this cycle is to install compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). These two options are much more energy efficient, produce less heat, and have a longer lifespan. You’ll see the cost of electricity bills and energy consumption drastically reduce.

2. Reduce Water Waste  

Being conscious of your water usage is the best way to reduce waste. Think about all the actions in your home that use water, and make the effort to limit any unnecessary usage. Even small adjustments can go a long way. For example, try using a lower water pressure when you wash your hands or do your dishes. 

Some more ways to help reduce your water usage are to limit time spent in the shower, never leave a faucet running unattended, and do weekly laundry to build up larger loads. There are so many places where small actions can make a big difference.

3. Use Natural Cleaning Products 

Using chemicals around the house harms both your health and the environment. Washing these chemicals off or throwing them away in the trash merely moves the toxins into our ecosystem through water, soil, and air. This damages natural life around us, having widespread impacts on the future.

Volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, are found in most common household products. These dangerous components should be avoided as much as possible. 

Explore options that use natural disinfectants, antiseptics, and anti-odor qualities. You can also make DIY supplies out of common household items. These eco-friendly options are readily available for purchase at stores near you. 

4. Switch to Energy-Efficient Appliances 

When you’re ready to replace the old refrigerator, oven, or washer and dryer, choose to purchase one that is certified energy efficient. This helps to limit energy waste and usage in everyday life and is an easy way to lower your power bills and support a greener lifestyle. 

Look out for the Energy Star certification, ensuring it meets the quality standards of an extremely energy-efficient machine. 

5. Support Recycling

Recycling your own trash is a great way to create a cleaner world, but you can also choose recycled options for various household goods. Throw-away products like toilet paper, paper towels, and even sponges are good options to purchase recycled. 

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